Recently, the first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mine in the U.S., TeraWulf’s Nautilus Cryptomine in Pennsylvania, announced that its first phase, totaling 50 MW of capacity, will exclusively deploy BITMAIN’s ANTMINER. The currently deployed models are ANTMINER S19 XP and S19 Pro.

TeraWulf is a US-based mining company with ESG (corporate sustainability) as a principle and practice, with a goal of 100% zero-carbon energy. Currently, 91% of TeraWulf’s energy comes from nuclear, hydro and solar sources, and the establishment of its nuclear-powered Nautilus Cryptomine is an industry milestone. Paul Prager, Chairman and CEO of TeraWulf, said, “BITMAIN’s carbon neutral strategy and high-performance, low-power, best-in-class mining equipment make BITMAIN an ideal partner to scale our zero-carbon digital infrastructure at Nautilus.”

BITMAIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which offers cutting-edge technology in energy efficiency, providing the global blockchain network with the industry’s advanced computational infrastructure and solutions. BITMAIN adheres to the development policy of “Green development, Sustainability and Future-oriented”, and has been actively contributing to the green mining and promoting the sustainable development of the industry by continuously optimizing the energy efficiency of products, reducing carbon footprint and issuing ANTique ANTMINER coupons over the years.

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